Search tuning is both a science and an art. Learn how to utilize the platform to provide better search quality, ease of experience, and boost key products and categories to deliver a more personalized, relevant experience for everyone involved. With InsiteCommerce, the factory is configured for common expectations and conditions but understanding the ins and outs of tuning can result in an even better experience.

Key Takeaways

In this session you will learn the fundamentals of the out-of-the-box onsite search capabilities with the Insite platform (tuning, Elasticsearch, boosting, etc.) to maximize your customer experience.  Key takeaways include: 

  • Understanding the art and science of search tuning
  • Using platform toggles to manipulate the result set
  • Identify key points of search extensibility


Presenter: Brian Lockwood
Title: Sr Director of Platform Assurance
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Brian’s business acumen along with his deep technical skillset has allowed him to contribute cross-functionally at Insite Software over the last 5 years. Before joining Insite he taught .NET development in Microsoft’s star alliance and was rated in the top 10 of .NET instructors worldwide. He has over 15 years of infrastructure and development experience and has helped shape the InsiteCloud offering. Brian also leads the charge with partner enablement by providing coaching globally.

Presenter: Nick Anagnostopoulos
Title: Software Engineer
Company: Xcentium