SEO isn't just about optimizing your website to rank for keywords or building links back to your site. It's time for B2B businesses to think differently about SEO and build a stronger strategy. This session runs through mysteries of SEO including domains, crawlability, speed, optimization, and google tag manager. It’s time to think about SEO factors like where pages load, integration with product refreshes, google tag manager, and more.

Key Takeaways

In this session you will learn actionable adjustments companies can make to their SEO strategy, including:

  • Checklist of SEO related technical next steps for your InsiteCommerce Cloud project

  • How to use robots.txt and sitemap index files

  • Understand optimized URL naming structure

  • Key HTML for SEO rankings

  • Much more 


Presenter: Brian Lockwood
Title: Sr Director of Platform Assurance
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Brian’s business acumen along with his deep technical skillset has allowed him to contribute cross-functionally at Insite Software over the last 5 years. Before joining Insite he taught .NET development in Microsoft’s star alliance and was rated in the top 10 of .NET instructors worldwide. He has over 15 years of infrastructure and development experience and has helped shape the InsiteCloud offering. Brian also leads the charge with partner enablement by providing coaching globally.

Presenter: Ryan Tepperman
Title: Digital Marketing Consultant
Company: Verndale

Bio: With over 6 years of digital marketing experience in search engine optimization, content, and analytics, Ryan Tepperman works on the digital strategy team at Verndale to help customers fully utilize (and optimize) their websites. He is a strong believer in data-driven decisions and works closely with Verndale clients to better understand how they further their business goals and objectives through a holistic strategy.