In the ever-increasing age of data, data mining is vital to the success as an organization by evaluating and monitoring key indicators. However, many organizations view data in silos and that only provides just a part of the story of your organization and your customer’s journey. Consider key data points from across your organization for a holistic view of success. Analytics are not just for dashboards, they can also be leveraged in other ways to drive customer engagement.

Key Takeaways

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Value beyond the transaction

  • Holistic viewpoint (see the entire story)

  • Beyond Reporting & Site Analytics


Presenter: Dave Campen
Title: Senior Data Engineer
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Dave Campen has been at Insite for 1.5 years and is the Senior Data Engineer working with InsiteAnalytics. Dave has worked with large scale data warehouses and analytics using a wide a variety of technology deployments for over 12 years. Dave’s deep understanding of data warehouse implementation and visualizations have been instrumental in the launching of InsiteAnalytics last year.

Presenter: Justin Racine
Title: Director of Marketing & eCommerce
Company: Geriatric Medical

Bio: As the director of marketing and e-commerce for Geriatric Medical, a 73-year-old leading medical supply distributor, Justin Racine oversees and implements the innovative marketing and e-commerce strategies that drive high growth and customer retention for the company. Prior to joining Geriatric Medical, Justin spent four years on the marketing and e-commerce team at Invacare Supply Group, a B2B medical supply division of Invacare, a previous Fortune 1000 company. A frequent nationally-featured speaker, he has spoken alongside branding and marketing professionals from The Weather Channel, Dell, JP Morgan and Investopedia, among others.