Resourcing your eCommerce enterprise is not an easy task. Finding the right people, with the right experience, that are the right fit for your company culture is a challenge. In this panel we’ll cover how to build the right hiring committee, who to hire today (and who you can hire tomorrow), how to entice fantastic candidates to join, how to integrate new hires to your company, and how to incentivize performance. Plus: what red flags should you watch out for? In this panel session, moderated by Justin King who has built similar team strategies for dozens of companies, you’ll hear the stories, lessons learned and best practices from three ecommerce leaders who are at various points in their ecommerce journeys.

Key Takeaways

You’ll learn from these executives:

  • The reality of this transformation – hint: it’s not easy
  • The importance of assembling the right team, often with new blood and always with outside-in thinking
  • Cross-functional leadership and selling up
  • Balancing “fast fails” and customer sat
  • The importance of “quick wins” and a crawl-walk-run approach
  • Critical factors for success


Moderator: Justin King
Title: President
Company: B2X Partners

Bio: Presenter Bio: With almost 20 years working in eCommerce, Justin King has been on the forefront of the growth and trends in B2B eCommerce. Justin is President of B2X Partners, the founder of and is a leading speaker on B2B Customer Experience and eCommerce.  Prior to B2X, Justin was Chief Evangelist, B2B eCommerce at Oracle Corporation where he built the go to market strategy for Oracle’s B2B eCommerce product.

Presenter: Max King
Title: Vice President of Aftermarket Sales
Company: Cleaver-Brooks

Bio: As the Vice President of Aftermarket Solutions for CleaverBrooks, an 89-year-old industry leader in boiler room solutions, Max is managing the implementation of eCommerce as well as the Genuine Parts and Conversions businesses.  The eCommerce solution will provide another avenue for genuine part sales in addition to the independently owned and exclusive territories of the representative network.  Prior to joining CleaverBrooks, Max spent over 10 years in various roles including leading the aftermarket and eCommerce team at Caterpillar INC, a machinery manufacturer and Fortune 100 company.  Outside of work he loves spending time with his wife and four children, with any free time he enjoys spending time outdoors.

Speaker: Jim Squires
Title: Global Digital Capabilities Technology Officer
Company: Royal Canin


Speaker: Cesar Pereira
Title: Director of Ecommerce
Company: Bunzl Corporation

Bio: As the director of eCommerce for Bunzl Distribution, a leading supplier in North America, Cesar Pereira is responsible for digital platforms as well as digital strategy development and execution.  He established and leads cross-functional teams to deliver digital products that drive profitable growth and improve customer experience.   With nearly 20 years of business and digital leadership experience, he has a strong track record of implementing innovative eCommerce and digital products used by several Fortune 500 companies and global brands.