Drawing from their experience in creating profitable eCommerce sites, B2X Partners has created the X eCommerce System (XES), a seven-component approach for driving your B2B digital business. All centered around serving your customers, the XES is designed to help you create a strategic plan, organize your business, drive revenue and innovate in this competitive space.

Key Takeaways

In this session you will be introduced to a new B2B eCommerce Operating Framework and will learn:

  • An understanding of this customer-centric eCommerce system
  • How it can be applied to your business
  • How this framework can help your business take the next step to eCommerce growth
  • One key tactic you can implement in your business today


Presenter: Justin King
Title: President
Company: B2X Partners

Bio: With almost 20 years working in eCommerce, Justin King has been on the forefront of the growth and trends in B2B eCommerce. Justin is President of B2X Partners, the founder of and is a leading speaker on B2B Customer Experience and eCommerce.  Prior to B2X, Justin was Chief Evangelist, B2B eCommerce at Oracle Corporation where he built the go to market strategy for Oracle’s B2B eCommerce product.