Our Customers are Bringing their Businesses into the Future

Moving from digital immaturity to sophistication is a journey – not a project. At Insite, we’ve had the privilege to walk alongside manufacturers and distributors as they embark, and find success, with eCommerce.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do at Insite. As we step back and think about what makes our customers most successful, we see four critical characteristics companies demonstrate day in and day out to achieve transformational results. Each year, during our Engage user conference we honor and recognize our most outstanding customers with awards in the following categories:


The award for Outstanding Customer Innovation is awarded to highly collaborative companies that provide constructive ideas to innovate and improve Insite products. These companies not only push themselves, but Insite to be the best we can be.


The award for Outstanding Customer Agility is awarded to a company that takes the long view on eCommerce. They understand that this isn’t just a project, it’s a journey. They recognize the importance of having a balanced and pragmatic approach to eCommerce. They consistently play their game – not someone else’s.


The award for Outstanding Customer Experience is given to a company that truly understands their customers and their needs. They find ways to stay extremely relevant to their buyer. They differentiate themselves from their competition by focusing on what makes their customers loyal. They are laser-focused on delivering seamless and intuitive customer experiences.


The award for Outstanding Customer Results is given to a company that focuses on aligning their eCommerce strategy with their business goals to achieve transformational business outcomes. Outstanding results are achieved when people, processes and systems are aligned. This award-winner takes an ROI driven approach to eCommerce.

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