2018 Outstanding Customer Award Winners

During our inaugural user conference Engage in 2018 we kicked off our first ever Outstanding Customer Success Awards.

Outstanding Customer Innovation

The award for Outstanding Customer Innovation was presented to Consolidated Supply Co. for being highly collaborative and providing constructive ideas to innovate Insite products. Consolidated Supply has been instrumental in pushing Insite to continually innovate and improve our digital commerce solutions. You can read more about Consolidated Supply’s eCommerce journey here.

Outstanding Customer Agility

Next, we recognized Buyers Products for their Outstanding Customer Agility. They have taken a very balanced and pragmatic approach using InsiteCommerce®. In a panel session, Jim Nerone, Chief Information Officer at Buyers Products noted, “From the beginning we’ve said that this isn’t just a project. It’s really transformation.” You can read more about Buyers Products’ eCommerce journey here.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Outstanding Customer Experience was awarded to Geriatric Medical for truly understanding their customer needs, delivering seamless experiences and ensuring the company and products remain relevant to their buyer. You can read more about Geriatric Medical’s eCommerce journey here.

Outstanding Customer Results

Finally, we honored Royal Canin for Outstanding Customer Results. Royal Canin focused on aligning their people, process and systems to deliver results and took an ROI-driven approach when using their platform. You can read more about Royal Canin’s eCommerce journey here.

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