2019 Outstanding Customer Award Winners

2019’s Outstanding Customer Award Winners included Amerhart, TestEquity, Steiner Electric and Hisco.

Outstanding Customer Innovation

The award for Outstanding Customer Innovation was presented to Amerhart who is highly collaborative and continuously provides feedback about the InsiteCommerce platform. You can learn more about Amerhart’s eCommerce journey here.

Outstanding Customer Agility

Next we congratulated the customer who views eCommerce as a journey, not a project. Who takes a balanced and pragmatic approach to digital transformation, and who continuously plays their game, not someone else’s. The award for Outstanding Customer Agility was awarded to TestEquity. Check out TestEquity’s success story here.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Our third award of the day went to Steiner Electric for Outstanding Customer Experience. Steiner Electric truly understands their customers’ needs and builds experiences tailored to them. Their site is easy to use and built for seventeen different personas with content catered to each one.

Outstanding Customer Results

Last but not least, our final award of the day went to Hisco for Outstanding Customer Results. Hisco has focused on aligning processes, people and systems to deliver transformational business results. Learn more about Hisco’s journey from Gary Niemand in this video, The Importance of eCommerce.

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