Gone are the days that companies implemented PunchOut to simply retain customers who demanded they integrate to their e-procurement systems. There is not only a significant demand in the market, but more companies are moving from a reactive to proactive state and leveraging e-procurement to accelerate their sales cycle, improve Customer retention and lower cost to serve. During this session you’ll learn how the B2B market has changed over the past decade, get a clear understanding of the opportunities within e-procurement, the challenges Suppliers face, and the solutions to take advantage of those opportunities, all while driving value for your organization and your Customers.

Key Takeaways

In this session you'll learn:

  • Better understanding of PunchOut and the eProcurement market
  • Players and best practices for vendors


Presenter: Brady Behrman
Title: CEO
Company: PunchOut2Go

Bio: I am the CEO and founding partner of PunchOut2Go. I am an entrepreneur with experience and proven track record in building technology businesses that focus on client success.

At PunchOut2Go, We enable companies the ability to sell B2B online leveraging modern day e-Commerce Procurement solutions. We are helping organizations of all sizes around the globe adapt to the ever-evolving, complex B2B & eProcurement technologies, implementing PunchOut2Go solutions to enhance their operational processes, streamlining electronic order document exchanges eliminating errors and maximizing opportunities by leveraging the PunchOut2Go Gateway.