B2B buyers are digital-first researchers and buyers that prefer to self-serve whenever possible. Their expectations continue evolving and that means delivering seamless experiences, tools and resources that allow them to interact with you however they want, whenever they want. B2B buying has changed, and you have to evolve your selling strategy along with it.

Allow your customers to work when, where and how they want to work, even when your offices are closed. Hear our panelists cover some of the creative ways they’ve helped their customers do business with them on their own terms, and learn from some of the mistakes they’ve made causing customers to look elsewhere.  

What tools could you be providing your customers to make it easier to buy from you? 

Key Takeaways

You’ll walk away from this session with new ideas to help your customer’s ability to self serve. Here are some of the key topics and product features we’ll cover:

  • Quoting
  • Order Status, Approvals and Requisitions
  • Order History
  • Invoice History
  • Product Details (Documents, Imagery, Videos, etc.)
  • Will-Call/Store Pickup
  • Subscriptions
  • ePRocurement (e.g. Punchout, IoT, etc.)
  • Automating email and fax orders
  • Mobile (Native app and/or responsive site) 


Presenter: Jeff Natzke
Title: Vice President, Product
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Jeff has many years working with the InsiteCommerce® platform in various capacities, and currently serves as Insite Software’s VP, Product.Jeff has worked within the Insite product team for the past five years, most recently as the Director of Product Platforms. Jeff has been instrumental in leading Insite’s product vision, given his deep understanding of critical commerce capabilities required by manufacturers and distributors. Jeff’s experience spans 20 years as an analyst, architect, and technology leader.

Presenter: Chris Beck
Title: Marketing Manager
Company: 3Wire

Bio: Chris has managed the InsiteCommerce platform for 3Wire, a national distributor of genuine OEM beverage and foodservice equipment replacement parts, with a focus on customer retention, gain, and growth since their site was launched in January 2017. Chris was also a leader in the design and implementation of the platform in the year prior to launch, giving him valuable insight into the positive changes the Insite platform can create for B2B distributors and their customers. Prior to his marketing career, Chris was a practicing attorney, which helps him bring a unique perspective on customer communication, strategic planning, and business analytics.

Presenter: Josh Schoonmaker
Title: Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce
Company: Consolidated Supply