Hide and seek can be fun – but not for your customers. Are you making it easy for new customers to find you?Once they find you, can they quickly and efficiently make a purchase? All it takes to create a new customer is a single purchase. What are you missing that could be slowing down new customer growth? Chances are, we have an idea or two to help you attract new customers to your site, and ultimately help you become easier to do business with.

Build out a site that attracts new customers through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and provide targeted content based on geolocation and activities on the site. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of showing pricing and inventory to the public, as well as allowing guest users to checkout online without first having a customer in the ERP. We will also discuss options for page variants and personalization for the unauthenticated customer segment. 

Key Takeaways

Leave this session with some fresh ideas to capture the new customers you’ve been missing. Here are a few of the key concepts we’ll be covering: 

  • SEO Best Practices
    • Site Map, Canonical URLs & naming conventions, page titles, meta keywords & descriptions, Image Alt texts, etc.
    • Open graph tags
  • SEM Best Practices & Strategies
    • Google Analytics & InsiteAnalytics to determine source of navigation
  • Pricing & Availability/Inventory: Benefits and drawbacks to showing unauthenticated users & what your options are
  • Guest Checkout: Benefits & drawbacks to allowing
  • Building content & experiences for Guest Users (Page Variants, Personalization, etc.)


Presenter: Jeff Natzke
Title: VP, Product
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Jeff has many years working with the InsiteCommerce® platform in various capacities, and currently serves as Insite Software’s VP, Product.Jeff has worked within the Insite product team for the past five years, most recently as the Director of Product Platforms. Jeff has been instrumental in leading Insite’s product vision, given his deep understanding of critical commerce capabilities required by manufacturers and distributors. Jeff’s experience spans 20 years as an analyst, architect, and technology leader.