Growth is essential to your bottom line. But acquiring customers can be costly. How can you reduce your costs to acquire? Hear from Insite’s VP of Marketing and Customer Experience Karie Daudt, Royal Canin’s Global Digital Capabilities Technology Officer, Jim Squires and CEO of Xngage, Joe Albrecht as they discuss how you can leverage your site to acquire new customers and get more users of existing accounts to onboard to digital. Plus learn how Royal Canin automated their customer onboarding experience to reduce acquisition costs and speed up the process for new customers to place their first orders.

Key Takeaways

Hear directly from leading industry experts on best practices, and practical methods for leveraging major themes & product features in Insite such as:

  • Guest Checkout
  • Customer Registration (Submit tax exemption forms, credit card forms, obtain industry/vertical & persona information, etc.)
  • Lists


Presenter: Karie Daudt
Title: VP Marketing & Customer Experience
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Karie Daudt joined Insite in 2015.  Her professional work over the last two decades includes extensive experience in B2B industries such as industrial distribution, manufacturing and technology. Throughout her career, Karie has consistently excelled in customer-facing roles in sales, marketing and management, gaining recognition and awards for excellence and achievement. Before joining Insite, Karie was responsible for product management and marketing at a successful specialty manufacturing organization.

Karie has written many articles for leading publications in the manufacturing, distribution and ecommerce industries. She is passionate about topics concerning B2B commerce, and eager to collaborate with others in the industry while sharing her own thought leadership.  Her knowledge of the B2B customer experience as it relates to the entire commerce experience, combined with her industry, sales and marketing expertise, provide an unparalleled and invaluable perspective into every aspect of B2B ecommerce.

Presenter: Jim Squires
Title: Global Digitial Capabilities Technology Officer
Company: Royal Canin

Presenter: Joe Albrecht
Title: CEO
Company: Xngage

Bio: Joe has 20 years of experience in the software industry and served in various executive leadership roles assisting customers with digital initiatives. He spent nearly 10 years of his career working for one of the largest national digital consulting agencies and worked with fortune 500 clients in US and EMEA. Joe is Founder and Managing Partner of Xngage, a Digital Commerce Consulting & Services firm, located in Cleveland (OH). His passion for clients, technology and problem solving fuel his constant desire to innovate, integrate, and deploy the capabilities required to meet our clients' digital transformation challenges with excellent B2B e-commerce solution delivery. Joe holds an MBA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and a Computer Science Master from the University of Ulm, Germany.