Your customers’ expectations are evolving, are you keeping up? Do you know what it takes to increase customer loyalty? In order to keep up, your strategy has to evolve as well. In this session you’ll learn about different ways you can target different customer groups, verticals and your most important customers. 

Plus, you’ll learn whether you should leverage Insite’s multi-site capabilities for a fully unique experience or create a dynamic experience on a single site. You’ll have the unique opportunity to hear how other customers are using the numerous personalization features like custom catalogs, restriction groups, customer segment-specific content, search boosting, etc. And how they’ve created a unique and targeted experience for their diverse groups of loyal customers. 

Key Takeaways

Walk away from this session with new ideas on how to maximize your investment with Insite to help you retain customers. You’ll hear specific use cases for the following topics and product features:

  • Customer Diversity: Size, Verticals, Channels, Personas (e.g. researcher, procurement, field service rep, contractor, CSR, etc.) 
  • When to do multi-site vs. personalization/dynamic catalogs
  • Personalized content
  • Crawl, Walk, Run examples
  • Customer-specific Catalog & Experience
  • Restriction Groups
  • Multi-site
  • Personalization (i.e. Customer Segment Content)
  • Search (Boost by customer segment, Customer part #’s, etc.) 


Moderator: Kayla Hambek
Title: Knowledge and Learning Specialist
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Kayla has been a member of the Insite family for four years, driving product training efforts and supporting customers throughout their Insite journey. Her decade of experience in sales, customer support, and user development, specifically with technology organizations, established her holistic view of user learning and passion for customer success. Kayla has received national recognition for her achievements in customer management, and her work has been published in both professional and literary journals.

Presenter: Gary Niemand
Title: Senior VP of IT and Procurement
Company: Hisco

Bio: Gary has over 25 years experience within the industrial distribution industry, always with a B2B focus. He has divided his career between the IT function and other business areas such as Procurement and Sales Operations, giving him a broad range of experience. Currently Gary is the Senior VP of IT and Procurement, as well as being on the executive leadership team and Board of Directors member for Hisco, a specialty distributor with a primary focus in the electronics assembly market. During his 4-1/2 year tenure with Hisco he led the initiative to select, plan, and implement a new website for the company. Additionally, he led the initiative to migrate an acquisition company simultaneously on to Hisco’s ERP and new web platform.

Presenter: Jim Nerone
Title: Chief Information Officer
Company: Buyers Products

Bio: Jim is an experienced business executive, who has lead diverse number functional areas, always seeking to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and control through the application of better processes, technology, and information. For the last few years, he has been leading a digital transformation at Buyers Products, including the launch of their first transactional website. Prior to Buyers, Jim worked for ERICO in the US and The Netherlands, at various points leading IT, Business Intelligence, Supply Planning, and Warehouse Operations. Long ago, he received engineering degrees from Purdue and an MBA from Case Western. The TSQL procedures he writes are elegant and well-commented.