During this session Insite will share key Product Roadmap Themes which we will constitute our focus for our upcoming release and through 2019.

Key Takeaways

You’ll walk-away from this session with a clear understanding of focus and initiatives for Insite’s Product and Engineering teams as we complete 2018 and move into the upcoming calendar year. 

  • Service Differentiation: Solutions and tools to delight and create efficiencies via self-serve applications for your Customers
  • Sell Smarter, Not Harder: Identifying opportunities to drive revenue through more personalized experiences
  • Work Efficiently: Tooling to create and manage your digital experience more efficiently
  • Technology and Performance: Continued focus on both front and back end architecture, security and Cloud infrastructure


Presenter: Jeff Natzke
Title: VP Product
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Jeff has many years working with the InsiteCommerce® platform in various capacities, and currently serves as Insite Software’s VP, Product. Jeff has worked within the Insite product team for the past five years, most recently as the Director of Product Platforms. Jeff has been instrumental in leading Insite’s product vision, given his deep understanding of critical commerce capabilities required by manufacturers and distributors. Jeff’s experience spans 20 years as an analyst, architect, and technology leader.

Presenter: Tom Frishberg
Title: VP Engineering
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Tom has served in many capacities at Insite Software since it’s founding, and currently serves as Vice President, Engineering. As a member of the senior leadership team Tom will lead the development team and help shape Insite’s product strategy, working closely with architects, product managers and applications personnel. Tom’s background includes more than 25 years managing and leading software development and solutions efforts.