Developing an effective online product content strategy is critical for continued growth and success of your e-commerce initiative. Find out how to leverage robust product relationships that lead to add-on sales and provide greater customer experiences. Understand the distinctions between product relationships and product bundling and strategies on when and where to use them and learn how to apply the power of persuasion with techniques that lead to increased upsell opportunities.

Key Takeaways

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to leverage ecommerce technology with compelling content to deliver more value to your customers
  • Learn how to leverage product bundling and key product relationships that drive greater sales opportunities
  • Learn how subtle changes to your product pages lead to better results


Presenter: Denise Keating
Title: CEO
Company: DATAgility

Bio: Denise Keating is co-founder and CEO of DATAgility, a company that provides digital consultation, PIM and Ecommerce system implementation and data enrichment services to B2B manufacturers and distributors. Denise is known for her relentless enthusiasm and passion for helping companies gather, create, and manage high quality, unique, and relevant product data content for B2B ecommerce platforms. She is a frequent speaker and has a proven track record in successfully collaborating with clients to help them develop e-commerce strategies that are meaningful, strategic, and have a practical business impact. With 30 years of experience in the distribution channel, she is a recognized for her thought leadership on B2B customer experience, ecommerce, and product data content strategies, contributes to many industry publications and served as one of four panelists on the electrical data synchronization panel moderated by Gene Randall, a former White House Correspondent for NBC and CNN.