In this session we will share best practices and thought processes employed by Insite experts to synthesize complex business needs that map to extensions. Learn how to break down the complexities, leverage existing InsiteCommerce constructs, and intelligently build extensions. Even as a technical lead responsible for architecture, it is important to remain grounded in the customer experience.

Key Takeaways

You’ll learn Insite TSA best practices, including:

  • Reference best practices for your next project
  • Requirements identification and alignment to InsiteCommerce features and functions


Presenter: Jeff Natzke
Title: VP, Product
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Jeff has many years working with the InsiteCommerce® platform in various capacities, and currently serves as Insite Software’s VP, Product.

Jeff has worked within the Insite product team for the past five years, most recently as the Director of Product Platforms. Jeff has been instrumental in leading Insite’s product vision, given his deep understanding of critical commerce capabilities required by manufacturers and distributors. Jeff’s experience spans 20 years as an analyst, architect, and technology leader.

Presenter:Joe Albrecht
Title: CEO
Company: Xngage

Bio: Joe has 20 years of experience in the software industry and served in various executive leadership roles assisting customers with digital initiatives. He spent nearly 10 years of his career working for one of the largest national digital consulting agencies and worked with fortune 500 clients in US and EMEA. Joe is Founder and Managing Partner of Xngage, a Digital Commerce Consulting & Services firm, located in Cleveland (OH). His passion for clients, technology and problem solving fuel his constant desire to innovate, integrate, and deploy the capabilities required to meet our clients' digital transformation challenges with excellent B2B e-commerce solution delivery. Joe holds an MBA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and a Computer Science Master from the University of Ulm, Germany.