The B2B buying experience is a hybrid one that must provide the customer with the ability to move seamlessly between self-service and full-service engagement. But many companies measure e-commerce adoption and experience value solely by order volume and online revenue. And in the process, they end up missing the full picture and underestimate the value of making it easier to do business with. Innovative e-commerce teams are focused on the holistic B2B experience and measure and quantify “digital self-service events” (DSSEs), ie online user actions (ie My Account), transactions and page views that don’t include a shopping cart but drive an enormous amount of stickiness and value. Examples are product searches, check availability, lookup (invoice, location, order, inventory), downloading of PDFs, RFQs, etc. In this session, Insite and Xcentium will take you through the journey of a mutual Insite customer – MORSCO, a $2B+ plumbing and electrical distributor. They will cover the value of self-service to their customer base, how they measure it and leverage that data to underscore the value to leadership and provide a truly unified end-to-end customer experience.  

Key Takeaways

In this session you'll learn:

  • Making the value case for self-service
  • What are DSSEs and how do they drive business results
  • What are the most effective ways to measure and quantify the experience improvements
  • How self-service strategies will impact other areas of the business over time and what your organization can expect
  • Critical “must have” success factors


Presenter: Karie Daudt
Title: VP Marketing & Customer Experience
Company: Insite Software

Bio: Karie Daudt joined Insite in 2015.  Her professional work over the last two decades includes extensive experience in B2B industries such as industrial distribution, manufacturing and technology. Throughout her career, Karie has consistently excelled in customer-facing roles in sales, marketing and management, gaining recognition and awards for excellence and achievement. Before joining Insite, Karie was responsible for product management and marketing at a successful specialty manufacturing organization.

Karie has written many articles for leading publications in the manufacturing, distribution and ecommerce industries. She is passionate about topics concerning B2B commerce, and eager to collaborate with others in the industry while sharing her own thought leadership.  Her knowledge of the B2B customer experience as it relates to the entire commerce experience, combined with her industry, sales and marketing expertise, provide an unparalleled and invaluable perspective into every aspect of B2B ecommerce.

Presenter: Dylan Barter
Title: eCommerce Architect & Consultant
Company: Xcentium

Bio: Dylan Barter is an Architect at Xcentium, an Insite Implementation Partner, and is responsible for design and implementation of Insite solutions. Dylan has played a major role in the development of MORSCO USA’s InsiteCommerce® implementations, including playing an advisory role in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud activity. He has also contributed to the release of several additional InsiteCommerce customer implementations during his time at Xcentium.